Monday, November 20, 2006

After over two years, Braidwood picks up and moves

Hi all,

I'm not sure I've settled on the perfect solution, but I've decided to move my little online home over to wordpress. Thanks blogger for being an easy to use little starter home.

Update your bookmarks everyone!

I'm now at

I hope to see you there!


Friday, November 03, 2006

Brandi Carlile

I discovered Brandi Carlile through Pandora and fortunately shared my discovery with A.M. who then bought tickets for us to see her in a live show. She and her band were awesome. The performance was powerful and was so moving I got chills, and tears were drawn from my eyes. The post below is from their website. I'm impressed that her soulfullness comes out in her prose as well as her music.

You can check out her music on Pandora. I've bought 4 of the same CDs so far. Three for other people, one for me. If you get a chance to see her in person, she is even better, and stuns with a couple covers, one by Leanord Cohen and one by Johnny Cash.
In The Studio
Posted by on 09.13.06

As I sit in a dark control room and listen to the music we've been recording, I look at T Bone Burnett sitting at an old Neve console holding an 80 year old guitar and wearing sunglasses and it strikes me that if the twins and I weren't wearing Chuck Taylors we could be anywhere in the world and at any point in time over the last 100 years...

We've been in the studio for over a week and things are going amazing -- the twins and I have been on the road for so long that we have become a live band so it's been intimidating and exciting to be put under a microscope... it's a scary thing to know how you really sound.

It's such a thrill to get these songs off my chest after a couple of years of playing them on the road...we recorded "The Story" and my voice cracked before the big loud scream and we kept it because it sounded raw and real. Sometimes it's hard for me to accept imperfection but I'm learning everyday. T Bone has taken us to church.


Friday, October 20, 2006

"Are there any Indian people in the audience? Good, lets talk about them"

This guy is hilarious. The turnstyle bit is my favorite. If you can't understand him at first, give it a minute.

Laughing Jesus

I was looking up "laughing" on google images so I could send my co-worker an image of someone laughing as hard as his email made me laugh. Naturally, I got completely distracted and found:
I think it highly reccomends a religion when the icon is often pictured laughing. It made me think of the contrast with the Christian religion which often glorifies suffering. I pictured the sad and serious face of Jesus that I've always seen.

"You never see Jesus laughing," I thought. Then, at the top of the next page, who should I find but Laughing Jesus!

It almost seems sacreligious....
Or maybe it's a sign... :)

Found at Christian Centered Mall.