Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Illustration Friday: Travel

I went the easy route this week and played with an old image. Here's the original political post from a few months ago. I love to travel and have adventures. Yesterday was my birthday and I can picture myself on the earth travelling around the sun. I've made 31 trips now!

There is some really beautiful art work this week on Illustration Friday. I was going to post some of my favorites, but the list kept growing, so I'll leave it up to you to explore. If you find some that you really like, I'd love it if you'd come back and leave a comment with the address.


Michelle said...

Great concept, I really like your bright colours against the dark sky.

Anonymous said...


Very pretty. I was really connecting with the idea of a trip to our local planets as I watched your picture. Here's my advice: I would suggest a few weeks on Pluto while its still over -250 degrees followed by a month in the moist Venutian heat. It does wonders for the complection and the constitution. Maybe you ought to bring that President of our with you so he can get more clear on that living doc he talks about so much.


Aravis said...

Happy belated birthday! I like that in this illustration more than one type of travel is depicted. Around the globe or around the universe, you're travelin' on. Great idea! :0)

Anonymous said...

Really good concept!~www.rozzieland.blogs.com

Jessica said...

Timly with the Hitchhiker's Guide movie coming out ;)

I like your variety of stars and the darkness of the piece overall since we're outside of these bright city lights.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I really like your Illo. Nice idea, I love the colors. Thanks for stopping by my blog (the Gnome) and leaving such a nice note! Nope, don't know the name of the movie, but it sounds good! I heard a story on the news a few years back and when I looked it up on the net I found a large number of groups to "protect" the gnomes! Too funny. I think he turned out kinda scary looking though :)
If you think of the name of that movie let me know!