Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The trouble turned out to be of an unexpected sort

I just plucked my eyebrows. I was starting to look like Bert, or even worse, a drag queen who has just taken his wig off. Hopefully thinner eyebrows will give me the boost I need. Here's the email I sent to my mom yesterday:
I'm at achool right now. Boy I had a time of it getting all my ducks in a row to graduate. Luckily I was expecting trouble and didn'tfreak out since I had such unexpected trouble last year. The trouble turned out to be of an unexpected sort.. It turns out that my advisor can't be my advisor for special study because he doesn't have a contract this year with the ... department (he is the director for the ... and is not teaching a class this semester.) So, they had to get another advisor who had work hours in their schedule to sign my paper even though the other professor would really do the work as my advisor. so, I have a fake advisor so I can do a real project and a fake grad assistanship so I can get paid for that project! OY!! :) I spent all day doing this and am still scared there is something I don't know about that will prevent me from graduationg. Yes, I asked everyone if that was all, and got all the signitures, but I did that with my bachelors degree too. ACH! I don't think I will feel totally sure I'm graduating until I hold the dipolma in my hands. And then I am framing that sucker and putting it on my wall.

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Andrea said...

Oh, what a stressful time! I hope it starts to go more smoothly soon. I hate that feeling of trying to prevent catastrophe based on spotty information and squirrelly rules. And also, we should talk soon. I want to catch up!