Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Braidwood goes to school

Hi, I've changed the title of my blog again. This doesn't seem to be the normal way to do things in the blog world, but I can't just choose one name forever and ever! It's too much pressure! So, I haven't checked my stats in forever, but I am going to try and post more regularly and you're going to hear a lot of school talk. Lucky you.

Last night I had my second first-class-of-the-semester with the same instructor as my first first-class-of-the-semester. There is a certain look in professors' eyes when they look at me during the first few classes. They see that I'm one of the smart ones. They must see it in my eyes- the shining intelligence, the quickness (don't worry this is going to get humble soon.) They ask me questions, they are excited to have one of the kind of students they think I am in their class. Only I know their inevitable disappointment, when the bright quickness in my eyes sort of clouds over. I can feel it and I can see it in other people. I can spot the ADDer's- the lost, confused, cloudy look. It is the look you see in the dancer's eyes- you know, the one who is franticly trying to copy the right moves because she doesn't know them, staring intently at the one who knows what she is doing, the one with the bright, shining eyes?

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Nelly said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog (NellyNortay)(which is my birth name with letters scrambled)(stole the idea from my brother...WallyTorta). IQ test: given that information...what are our real names? And...who cares?

Something you mentioned in this entry (even though I felt like you were describing me ((many years ago))..."ADDers" caught my attention, and even held it for a little bit.

I, too, have dreamt of singing, playing my (Gurian) guitar, and writing songs (I write poetry, mostly for therapy)...and your references to dancing; I spent most of my growing up life doing the tap, ballet and acrobatic thing...even though I have an incredibly resistent (inflexible) body. (Now I have an incredibly arthritic body).

Sorry for the wordy comment. I really enjoy your insights...especially the one about giving. Please visit again! One more thing: you might enjoy, no, you will enjoy visiting my brother's