Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I am back from another trip! yip, yip!

I went on a trip. It went without a hitch and was better than expected. I came back and the dog and cat were happy to see me. :) I feel so uncertain in my life right now. What will I do next? I have so many questions and so much to do to be in a comfortable resting place. However, all my things are now with me or at my Granddad's house and I feel like I have a home base again. It's probably a sign of modern materialism that I identify so strongly with some of my possessions, but I felt so happy to see my books again! It was like visiting old friends. I unpacked two shelves full of books and put them up in the "turquoise room" at my Granddad's house. My books have a home, I have a home.

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Andrea said...

I'm the same way about books. Although I need a bigger bookshelf, and need to jettison a few less-familiar (i.e., bought for college lit classes that never got to them) books. I'll probably have to split up my collection between home (where I'm lending most of my childhood favorites to my mom's therapy library) and my new place, wherever that may be. I hope your housing situation gets to a better point! Keep me up to date.