Friday, April 21, 2006

Bohemian Business Girl

I've worn the same pants for 3 days in a row now. I keep meaning to buy more pants or get my pants back from the dry cleaners, but I fall asleep so soon after I come home! I've mangaged to do this without shame by telling myself that since they are black pants, no one will notice. They'll just think I have several pairs of black pants and that I am wearing them all in a row, and that I really like to wear black pants. Four days seems like it is pushing it though.

I came home early today, (after going to work early,) so I would have time to do errands, but I fell asleep until 8:30. (People tell me the tiredness gets less after six months, or did they just say that I would get used to it?) Now, I am facing another day of wearing the same pants to work! Does this constitute a personal emergency? Should I call and ask to work from home because... I have a clothing emergency? My pants got stuck in traffic? I guess I could wear a black skirt.

Is this bad? You people who shower every day and never forget to brush your teeth think this is bad, don't you.


jo_jo said...

The unfortunate thing about this that the one person (OK, in my head it's definitely a WOMAN) who will notice is also the one person who is the source of all the juicy gossip in your office. Prepare to receive your First-Nations-esque name: Crow Pants Come Lately. I hope I don't get in trouble for appropriating this lovely naming convention, it's such fun.

Anyway happy weekend! Sleep lots!

Braidwood said...

Ha! So far, I've recieved no flak- maybe it's because people mostly see me in meetings and then I'm sitting down. :)

Andrea said...

Nobody will notice. One of my co-workers wears the same pants all week except Friday (our jeans day) and I wouldn't have known if he hadn't pointed it out to a co-worker. I have essentially two pairs that I wear, but I favor my dark grey pair heavily. Occasionally I'll mix it up with one of my more conservative-looking dresses, but otherwise, that's all they're getting. :)