Friday, April 14, 2006

Too much fun: Desert landscape in swirls

I have a hard time making detailed art with art rage, but swirling the colors all together is too much fun. This was going to be a portrait, but turned into: Desert Landscape in Swirls.

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Anonymous said...


Your picture looks like a wispy, feathery white kitty with some black sitting on a feathery brownish-orange pillow with a lovely purple rose and green leaves to the side and underneath. The cat is sleeping and dreaming of total freedom and security (its a funky dream). Did I saw "feathery" leaf? I meant to. I see cats...everywhere. Except mine, she's invisible, but u know. I like feathers. So light. Is feathery even a word?

Jam Master D (of the Irish Red Jam's Master's D's)