Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hey ya'll

Just a little post to say I'm still alive. Work is busy and is going well. I don't want to get fired for my blog so I don't post from work and I don't feel like looking at a computer when I get home- thus the scant posts.

In less than a week I am going to Alaska! I'll post some pictures when I get back.

I continue to be facinated with social software, especially social software which has applications for education. I recently found Elgg which I think may have the potential to rock my world. Check it out ya'll. ;)

Tomorrow we officially hand off the baton of co-chair to a new group at church. Yeha! I feel kind of bad as I do like the woman who is taking our place. Ah well. Good learning opportunity, or er um character building experience and all that.

Did I mention that I am in an art group. Yeha! I love doing art.

And there you go, my 5 minute update.

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