Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Dubious Goal

Right now I’m in the mood to see a movie, and I’m about to go see one. So this idea for a goal is probably just based on my current mood. I think I would like to see Roger Ebert’s list of 100 great movies. (Here's his book.) Then, (always thinking about how I can incorporate something into my blog,) I can blog about it! We'll see. It may happen. I need to figure out how to archive my posts by topic.


Anonymous said...

Herro Braidwood!

I was counting how many of the top hunerd I've seen. I got up to 23 then I lost count do to flagrant disinterest (hey, he doesn't like the Lord of the Rings movies, does he). I must be around 28. How's that? I was hurting on almost everything made before 1970 since I wasn't alive then. I did see many violent ones on there supporting what I've "heard": that Ebert has no morals when it comes to death and maimings. For shame, dear Ebert, you'll go down in infamy :)

You know, I bet he could make more millions by sharing about his diet plan. I mean, c'mon, this dude sits around on his bootie watching all the movies ever fricking made and crunching popcorn to the beat of their soundtracks. How he got rid of the 15 chins AND the tractor-trailer tire around his belly while watching Birth of a Nation and all the other talkies from the 19 teens is way beyond me! I want to know how I can lose hunerds of pounds while sitting on my duff and watching an endless selction of movies each year! I would definitely need a specially padded seat for that nonsense. :)

Luv ya!

Davy Wavy (junior Braidman -- thanks for the tips -- everyone -- everyone -- loves my hair -- especially the Leonard!)

Braidwood said...

Hey! You haven't posted here in awhile! Mmm... cool, I bet I have not watched near as many of the top hundred as you. As you know, I don't watch torture, so my plan might not work out after all. I could watch the non-violent ones and then go concious-objector on the rest.