Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yep, they thought of that

I do facial exercises using flex effect, which uses resistance bands to work out facial muscles. It works really well and I thought what I need is eyelid weights so that I can exercise my eyelids so they will open wider.

Of course, I had brief fantasies of inventing them and becoming rich and appearing on Oprah. “Well, I just thought of putting weights on my eye-lids, I put it on the internet and here I am! Can you believe when I started out I was just cutting up these little eyelid weights in my little one room apt?” ( I don’t really live in a one room apt, but that makes it more dramatic.) So, just now I looked up eye-lid weights and what do you know, someone already invented them! They use them in the treatment of bell palsy. Oddly, they are available by prescription only. What on earth do they think people are going to do with eyelid weights?
So, I might have to rig up some after all or order them from Canada! I wonder if they will work out my eyelid muscles like I think they will.

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