Monday, January 03, 2005

Cleanse, Day 9

Wow, I can't believe its day 9 of the cleanse! I called my mom the other day and she said she was sticking to the cleanse, but she was gaining weight because she was eating a lot of cheese. "Cheese!" I exclaimed, betrayed, "but we aren't eating any dairy!!" She hadn't noticed that part. We agreed that we could eat yogurt. Then she had the nerve to ask me if she could eat a brownie. "No!" I said, "you can not eat a brownie!" Then I relented and said of course she could eat whatever she wanted to. However, I gave her the advice I saw over on Laura's weight loss blog, and reminded her that if she asked, her husband would probably make brownies again.

So, what about me? I'm sticking to my cleanse, but am still having trouble eating as many veggies as I would like. I actually like vegetables, but am some what at a loss about what to do with them. I'd like a wok so I could eat [I meant to type "make" ha, Freudian slip! I really just want to EAT homemade stir fry!] homemade stir fry. This morning I came up with an innovative and yummy solution to my no milk and no soy rule (no soy- I'll explain later.) I used coconut milk in my oatmeal, slices of apples and cinnamon. It was really good. Truly, I want to enjoy eating and have that be a pleasure in my life instead of a utilitarian function.

Exercise: Last Thursday I did my new old Firm video, "Total Body - Time Crunch Workout." Its only 45 minutes long with simple and hokey and EFFECTIVE exercises. It's so much easier for me to get myself to work out with weights than to go running, because I know working out with weights is going to show. When I first started working out with weights, (I used "I want those buns!") I lost 2 inches off my butt in 3 workouts and I'm not exaggerating. My sister-friend told me, "I love your butt!" It still rings in my ear to this day, although the butt she loved is hidden and weak right now. I will raise my rear again! :)

Today I'm going to go try, for the first time ever, the Fitprime video "Strong Bear." Its with Tracey Long and I can tell its going to be good and tough. I'll let you know.

Oops! What I haven't been doing: the P and B shakes. (I bet my mom hasn't either!) I'll get on that.

Weight loss: My scale has just (unfortunately, serendipitiously?) died. It's ok though. From being quite in shape and trim to quite out of shape and plump, I have gained 3 to 5 pounds. That's why I didn't notice how out of shape I had gotten for awhile. So, I'll go by the fit of my jeans and the jib of my... something. (I just wanted to say, "jib.")

Good Luck in your fitness goals!

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Laura Moncur said...

It's good to know that someone else is being inspired by my blog. I'm really just writing it for myself, but I felt all happy and warm thinking that the Christmas time pep talk helped someone besides me.