Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Red Pill

Speaking of movies and secret messages, I just found a website using the Matrix to introduce people to less official views about the U. S. government. I lifted these quotes from the site:

"I've got enough anger for ten people. I work as hard as I can, and when I can't take it anymore, I go to the beach."
Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange (personal communication, 2000)

"The fearsome social and global environmental crises from which we mentally flee are not unbearable additions to our already extreme weight of personal problems; they are the key, the answer to those problems."
David Edwards. Burning All Illusions

"The peace movement is filled with anger and hatred. It cannot fulfill the path we expect from them. ... That is why it is so important for us to practice meditation, to acquire the capacity to look, to see, and to understand. ... Peace work means, first of all, being peace."
Thich Nhat Hanh, Being Peace

"Despair is suicide of the imagination. ... to voluntarily close a door that has not yet shut."
Sam Smith, Why Bother?

"People with power are perfectly happy for the population to be cynical, because that tends to paralyze people and leads to passivity. Those same powerful people also do their best to derail critique -- the process of working to understand the nature of things around us and offering judgments about them -- because that tends to energize people and leads to resistance."
Robert Jensen, "Critical Hope"

"Many people feel quite unjustly discouraged and gloomy about the opportunities to do things, but there have been really remarkable victories in the last couple of years."
Noam Chomsky (1998) from the CD, "Case Studies in Hypocrisy"

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