Wednesday, January 05, 2005

There is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World

mmmm..... another uplifting link. To remind be that there is beauty all around me and to bring me back from my dim view of the world yesterday. (Its so much more fun being happy. - and easier too.) Also, check out the comments- some of them are inspiring too.

When I finally figure out how to organize posts by catagories, maybe I will have a post called "Beautiful Anyway" or "This sad beautiful world" or something that expresses the beauty that can be found in our old, dingy world. American Beauty fits into that theme and a tap show I saw once did too. I think it was Tap Dogs. There was a scene of a grimy alley way and some guys drinking and playing cards. Slowly, a rythm emerged from the shuffling of the cards and the banging of the garbage cans and even the yelling people.

(See how this all fits into the gratitude/appreciation theme I've got going? I think that is going to be my theme for the year! - I like to have a theme for the year.)

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