Friday, February 25, 2005

Blog Cuts, a new feature

Now introducing... BLOG CUTS! Blog Cuts will feature old web log entries I typed but never posted, or cuts from other entries. In other words, stuff that, the first time around, I decided not to post.
The fervor I feel for blogging this week is only exceeded by the excitement about the election I am experiencing! So, I was excited to find another Kerry for president link. This one is: People related to Bush who are voting for Kerry. Go Kerry!!

I like Kerry! And he is going to win! I know it. [italics, bold, and coloring added by Now-Me.] If they announce that George Bush won I will riot (peacefully;) in the street. Most people who voted for Gore in the last election aren’t going to switch their vote

Rolling Stone interview with Kerry
Librarians against Bush

Wow... well you know what they say about a prophet in her own land.... she's just totally off.

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