Friday, February 25, 2005

WARNING! Watch out for the warning ahead.

You know those warning emails that you get from well meaning friends and family? I just got one today that was cut off. The first lesson was that to protect yourself from rape you shouldn't wear a ponytail. Grrr.... Here was my reply:
Hi ____,

I couldn’t read this whole thing and please don’t forward the rest of it to me. Just like any other form of terrorism, the result of rape is that people in the group who are terrorized start to restrict their movements and their lifestyles. Don’t give in to the terrorists by bending to their will and making your world smaller and smaller. The truth is that rape is a men’s issue. No matter what lengths women go to, rape will only stop when men stop raping. Let go of fear and live your life and wear your ponytail. Damn the torpedoes. Paradoxically, when you live with confidence, you are safer.

Here was the senders reply, (ok, it was my mom.")
Hi [Braidwood],

Thank you for your perspective! - Often unique. Maybe I should send your note back to where I got it from? Love you, _______


Andrea said...

Right on! Although I don't really mind safety-type emails where the advice is authentic (some warning emails are sent out just for the purpose of making people fearful, I'm convinced), I totally agree that you can't restrict your life by fears of what might happen. Be smart, yes, but not life-phobic.

Shiner said...

Most emails of this type are just another form of social engineered viruses.
It relies on you sending it on to all your contacts, and them doing the same etc etc etc.
And somewhere along the line, a grubber little spammer gets his hand on a copy who then notes down all the valid email addresses..

Braidwood said...

Andrea! Thanks for leaving a comment! That was so fun to see your name here.

Shiner, How on earth did you find me? I'm just curious where how you navigated over to this obscure little part of the blogosphere. Thanks for the info about the social virus. I checked out one of your many blogs and I wish you well - I hope your back heals healthily.

Anonymous said...


You are more popular than I thought. Like really way more. I loved your response to yo Momma and I think you are right on, sista! You gots ta live, ta love, and to eat your Wheaties if you want to grow and be free.

Salud and salad,

D. Red Afroman