Sunday, February 06, 2005

This post refers to those annoying emails...

that you get from people to whom you have actually given your email address. You know the ones: cute pet pictures, "funny" jokes, warnings about perfume salesmen (I made that one up.) I wouldn't, couldn't forward those to my email list, my friends would never forgive me. But I got two really good ones today, (that's what everyone thinks about the ones they forward on,) so I'm posting them here! (Please forgive me.)
First: From an email from my mom, that master passer: (I love you, M!)

"Put your birth date in the pop up window after you click here. ** What happens is pretty interesting. It's also amazing how quickly it computes!! Very cool. Send it on to all you think might like a bit of trivia!!"

Well, who doesn't like a bit of trivia?!

Second: From a link found on French Toast Girl's blog, here is ze Fank's Communication Lesson.

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Braidwood said...

I had to erase my whole post and create it again to get rid of some comment spam. Here's a non-spam comment I got from Laura Moncur:
"You have been inspiring me a lot lately. I wrote an entry for friday that was inspired by this one. I like to receive those junky emails. It tells that my friends are still alive without having to hear too much about their personal lives."
Check out Laura's post about junk email.