Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My Acceptance Speach

I’ve wanted to go to the Sundance film festival for years. When I was 16 my aunt had a movie in the festival and I was finally going to go. Sadly, my Grandma died on the opening day and we flew away for the funeral. I was just reading Ebert’s latest article about the festival (yes, reading Ebert has become my online time waster lately) and I thought, "Maybe I should make it a goal to go next year." Then I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if I made it a goal to go and then I went because I made a movie?!" Making a whole movie seems over-ambitious for my skills right now, so I've settled for being an actress- naturally I win the award for best actress. Here is my acceptance speech: (I composed it in the bathroom.)

“I’ve never thought of myself as an actress. I can dance and I can sing… but I still don’t know that I can act. What I did discover is how much a director and fellow cast members have to do with an actors performance. So I would like to thank_, _, _, _, _, _, _ and _ for letting me be a part of this and making it seem so effortless. As happy as I am to win this award, and this will be the bragging point of this endeavor, what I am most grateful for is how much fun we had making this movie. It’s very rare that adults get to have that kind of raucous, let loose, imaginative play and that is what I thank you for most of all. So thank you _, _, _, _ and _ for letting me play with you.” Then I blow a kiss, with both hands, to my fellow cast members and crew.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you going to at least mention me? Here's how you could do it..."The first person I want to thank is not my Mother, Bob Redford, or anyone like that. It's someone that probably wouldn't even want to be recognized because that's the kinda guy he is. But I need to do it because he's had such an impact on me as an actress, filmaker, director, writer, singing, walker, talker, etc. It's my friend (insert my name here). He is the one that stimulated my creativity with his juvenile antics and his mop-like hair. In fact, his hair was the inspiration for the homeless African-American man's afro in the movie. Our accent-practicing sessions were the inspiration for both the Irishman and the wierd guy in the movie. I know he wishes he could be here, but I will send him my love and all this swag I'm accumulating. Thanks so much (insert my name here). I won't forget you, ever." (back to speach)

IrIsh REd

Braidwood said...

You are so funny! [You should get a blog!] Thanks for posting on my blog and giving it the comedic voice it so desperately needs! (But I thought I did thank you, Herr Director :)