Sunday, July 10, 2005

Success Teams

You can take the girl out of HPT, but you can't take the human performance technology out of the girl. (And why would you want to? :) I myself can not write about it or read about it, so I'm going to talk all about me, me, me! (I can see now why the pop culture became very fluffy in times of war.)

So, I have this new job. I'm still in training. Tuesday will probably be my first day leading my own tour. I don't believe in the product. Some people really like it, so I'm not putting down the product, just saying. At any rate, they are good at setting up an effective system at my new job.

Here is what I like: Your results are very clear. You know when you are doing well. It is not a secret when you are doing well. You are rewarded for doing well. Everybody claps for you when you do well. They continue training you after the initial training is over. Your bosses want you to make MORE money, as they clearly see how you are benefiting the company. (Contrast that with jobs where your salary is counted as a loss.) It's amazing really.

Compare that to jobs where you have no idea what you are saposed to do. There is no clear tie between contribution and salary. Even if you wanted to learn how to make more money, you would have no idea who to ask to be your mentor as everyone's salary is a secret. Your bosses want your salary to be a secret because they want to pay you as little as they possibly can. People are often annoyed when you achieve more and do not clap for you. There is something refreshingly clear cut about how this sales job is set up.

Plus, my people, (the people I trained with,) are all trying to help each other out. (My success doesn't endanger anyone else's success. YAY!) It's like we have our own little success team. Today I found myself spontaneously wanting to ask my group what their long term goals are. What do they really want? I want to help them get that.

Today I wish you the sense and the skills to set up your own environment to optimize your success.


Andrea said...

Thanks for the link! I'm glad your job is going so well...I'll be so jealous when you pay off your loans before I do. :) But in an "I'm going to do that!" way. And (if it's not rude to comment on an email the rest of the world wasn't privy to), I don't think it's going over to the dark side to work with a product you're not excited about. It will strengthen your resumé to have sales experience, I think--at least in the corporate sector. I struggled with the thought of working for a bank at seemed so like working for "the man." But I think you'll gain valuable skills...just my two cents!

Braidwood said...

Thanks, Andrea. You really don't think I'm going over to the dark side? Good, I need all the reassurance I can get. I know what you mean about worrying about working for "the man." We are a couple of idealists aren't we? :)