Friday, July 01, 2005

System failure

The whole system has broken down. I don't know why. I have a firewall. Norton anti-virus doesn't detect anything wrong. However, something is definitely buggy. ACHCHCHCHCHH!!! (Inner scream of frustration.) I can't send any images via email, I can't even pull images into my paint program from a file. My outlook add-in stopped working and now my pop email will not go to outlook. The newest thing- today I tried to upload an image to my blog and my computer is acting like it's never done that before. "What are you talking about??! I don't do that!" So, no more images for you for awhile. I am not feeling like much of a sport. And there goes my weekly rating boost.


contribUUtor said...

FYI - Norton is not that great at detecting spyware. In addition to Firewall and antivirus you should have some form of spyware protection. There are many free varieties out there, not all can be trusted. AdAware from lavasoft is decent. I've heard good things about spysweeper.

Good luck!

jb said...

I'll echo contribUUtor and suggest you give AdAdware a go. After you've run that, run Norton LiveUpdate and give your system a full-on scan. Have a movie ready, as it'll take a while. And then, if it's still going crazy, start backing up your important files. You can't be too careful.

^_^ Computers are such imperfect things, aren't they?


Braidwood said...

I'm running ad aware as we speak (as I type.) Thanks, guys! I'll let you know how it goes.