Monday, October 17, 2005

Bitter grateful

Today as I was stretching in NIA, after we were dancing to music as we thought of something/s we're really greatful for, I thought, "I'm going to think of what I'm greatful for everyday. I'm going to post everything I'm greatful for on my blog! I'll do it everyday until the end of the year! I'm going to rename my blog 'Braidwood Praises,' or "Braidwood Thanks.' " Sometimes I'm just TOO much!

Well, I just read my email, and I am going to have to amend my posting strategy. First I'll post everything I'm bitter about, then I'll post greatful. That will work much better.

GA! Everyone is nominating my co-chair for our church's outstanding service award!!! This is very annoying for many reasons. Most of all it is annoying because I was going to nominate her- I had no thought of myself- really. But I thought I would nominate her in private so it wouldn't look like an inside job because we are co-chairs. I was feeling all proud of her and glad she would be nominated. And then at our meeting someone else publicly nominated her, and someone else seconded it and now she just thanked two more people who nominated her on our email list!! Well isn't that sweet. Here I am having long email conversations with people who: don't like the way we vote, don't understand how our list works, need such and such, and she is emailing a thank you to her many admirers. I really like my co-chair. (GA!) and like how we work together, so I knew I had to get this out somewhere. Again, GA! This is so irritating. I'm finally sympathizing with that protoypical invisible office worker who really runs everything but gets no credit. Oh yes, I have worked long effective hours. So, I ran a bad meeting once. GA!!!

Oh yeah, and I'm greatful for:
The rain, the cuddly cat, warm Mexican style chicken soup, Gilmore girls, that people let me be their co-chair (GA!!!) ok scratch that one for now, my fun projects I am working on, my talents, that I like dancing, the fun parties I went to this weekend, that my friend came to NIA with me, that I have fun Christmas and Thanksgiving plans, my new NLP guide. GA! Goddammit, give me some credit! (Sorry, sudden reversion to bitter.) And... I'm very greatful I did not give this link to my church group!! Ha! :) People who have it, and you know who you are, SILENCE!

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Laura Moncur said...

Envy always calms down if you give it time. Are you sad because you didn't get to nominate her or because you're not being equally recognized?

I think you're great! Mike and I were remembering the time you taught the entire church how to do the Charleston. That was one of the highlights of that corny evening.