Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blog Categories with blogger

What!? I searched forever for ways to add blog categories to blogger and now I find three links in quick succession. Rock on, little internet!

Here they are:
I was using technorati tags, but it was a pain to copy and paste them every time. I'm going to look into the methods described in the links. Liking easy, I am going to experiment with Orangewise's way first. Result: Does not give a comprehensive list of links. Conclusion: easy, but sadly, sucky.

Does anyone know of any more ways? Does anyone have an "in" with the Blogger people so we can just convince them to make Blogger category enabled? Are you even working on it Blogger people?? (Don't get angry, Blogger-gods, I appreciate all the free bounty. I'm just askin.)

Oh, oh, and check it out! People even have theories about categories! Check out this article by Clay Shirky on Categories, Links, and Tags. I decided to actually read it, and it's fascinating, especially if you get a little anal about your ontology.


Catana said...

NOW you tell me. I've wanted categories for so long, but tweaking Blogger's templates even to do something simplelike add links is a royal pain. I signed up with Typepad yesterday because I'd rather pay a little for features I want, than fight with Blogger. It would be nice if someone (or someones) has found a way to make it easier.

Catana said...

Shirky's article is great! In fact, it triggered a solution for a long-standing problem. I have dozens of quotes from books and articles--references for the book I'm writing. I've been wresting with how to organize them so I can find the ones I want when I want them. Tagging! The Mac OS indexes everything so that you can do searches. But it's not very discrimating. I had to find a way to improve the search because a quote may be about a subject that isn't specifically used in the quote. If I want to find a quote that I know discusses cognitive development those words have to be there. So I can add [cognitive development] to the quote; when I do a search for that phrase, the system can find it and the brackets will put it at the top of the search. Also, since the search only finds the file and you still have to look for the tag, highlighting tags with a specific color will make them stand out.

jo_jo said...

Thanks, Braidwood, I've been wondering how to do that. Great article too - someone with a sense of humour about classification! Who knew it was possible?!

John said...

To advocate the method I'm using: There's an added benefit in that you bookmark all of your posts to, and tag them all so that they're visible in technorati tag search results too. This increases the visibility of your blog & your posts, & brings more readers your way.... Swing by Freshblog for the how-to and give it a try!!

Braidwood said...

Hi John,

I will look into tagging with delicious again. I especially like the idea of automating the process that I saw in your article. Thanks for coming by!