Friday, October 21, 2005

Polygamy and the Man Shortage :)

This is the comment I left at Feminist Mormon Housewives on Lisa’s Ultimate Polygamy Post
Well, I might feel differently if I were married, but I can sort of get the polygamy thing, not really the Mormon version, but the I-have-several-sisters-and-best-friends-that-I'm-sealed-to-forever, and what the heck, a lover or two or three. Growing up Mormon, I thought the idea of polygamy was harsh, but when I got to college and had boyfriends when my friends did not, I wanted to share my boyfriends for all the non-sexual things guys can do- dancing, walking arm in arm, carrying heavy things, and even comforting guy hugs. Men just have an energy that I like and if my girlfriends didn't have a man, then I had an urge to share! I can also be very jealous if I don't feel like the primary person in my guy's life. I think my generousity was based on feeling securely loved. I can even imagine in another time and place that I wouldn't mind my husband having sex with someone else (ok, that's a real stretch!) if I was still his alpha and omega. That's sort of where the idea of polygamy breaks down for me, not everyone can be alpha and omega. Ok, if I'm in heaven and there's no men left, and my husband is unwaveringly in love with me, and there is a lonesome woman up there, and we can't just create another man for her or borrow one from a distant galaxy, I would be willing to share. I admit it. I can't help it! It would be suck to be lonesome for all eternity. Is this why the Gods kept coming down from Olympus to have affairs with mortals?
ps: I just accidentally published this on an old school blog!!! I deleted it quick, hopefully quick enough! Otherwise, ummm, yeah, hi old classmates.

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