Sunday, October 23, 2005

A giftedness self-test

I'm shortening this stolen article so that it only contains a respectable amount of quotes and a link back to the source, and color. :) Cheerio! (I just watched Wallace and Gromit.)
Even if you have doubts about the extent of your giftedness, you will really bring your talents to life if you will embrace your drive to become, serve, create, achieve, and contribute.

Self-recognition is not to fuel egotism or elitism, but to align with a more powerful, creative part of you that will let your heart, your knowledge, your talent loose on the world. Mary Rocamora, founder and director of Rocamora
1. General Characteristics
  • Do you have a large vocabulary?
  • Are you multi-talented?
  • Do you have so many interests and abilities that it is hard to focus your energies on developing any of them to your satisfaction?
  • Are you possessed of an unrelenting (and possibly off-the wall) sense of humor?
  • Can you occupy time usefully without external stimulation?
  • Are you persistently goal-directed in your behavior?
  • Is your creativity apparent in all areas of endeavor?
  • Do you have the need and the energy to develop more capacity?
2. Entelechy
Derived from the Greek word for having a goal, entelechy is a particular type of motivation, need for self-determination, and an inner strength and vital force directing life and growth to become all one is capable of being. Gifted people with entelechy are often attractive to others who feel drawn to their openness and to their dreams and visions. Being near someone with this trait gives others hope and determination to achieve their own self-actualization.
(Deirdre Lovecky, "Warts and Rainbows: Issues in the Psychotherapy of the Gifted", Advanced Development, Jan., 1990)
  • Are you directed by an inner vision of your purpose in life, or have a dream that is all-consuming?
  • Are you highly motivated to be all you are capable of being?
  • Are you deeply involved in creating your own destiny?
  • Do you continue to believe in yourself and your vision, even when no one else does?
  • Are others attracted to your vision, wanting to participate?
I love the word "entelechy!" If you do too, you're probably gifted, but just to be sure, check out the rest of the self test at

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Joel said...

Hmmm. The "general characteristics" mirror those which are mentioned as symptoms of bipolar illness. It has been demonstrated through MRI scans that bipolars use more of their brains than most people, which has good and bad effects.

You might enjoy Kay Jamison's EXUBERANCE.