Thursday, October 21, 2004

Comment Award!

Yes, there will be comment awards. This comment award goes to Anonymous, who took a bland introductory post and made it funny. See post number two, (second to the first) and comment.

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Anonymous said...


I welcome your award based on my oh-so-literate and quipy comment, but (and this is a pronounced "but") I am not comfortable with public recognition. Thus I must bow out of the award ceremony that you so graciously are holding in my (somewhat ungracious) honor and I would like you to black-out my less-than-flattering photog with my mordibly obese muse, tkfkaS (the kitten-formerly-known-as-Sweets). My discomfort is not with you, dearest A.A. or as that poet would say "dearest a.a", but will the idea. which idea, you will query? the answer is clear: i do not know, dearest a.a. i, i fear, am, am fear, lost, lost I fear, in a sea, an undertow, of the ideas and don't know which i am currently, currently referred to in this moment.

i hope your blog prospers so I can return and find that my name (anonymous) was been displaced by other, less reclusive, posters (non-anonymous -- sat it 3xs fast -- sounds like an animal at the zoo). until that day, a.a., i bid you adieu.


Braidwood said...

To faceless voices
Anonymous shouts:
Don't look,