Sunday, October 24, 2004



Anonymous said...


I hope your smiles return for there are so bright. The world needs them, every one. No force can take away your inner joy and happiness. It will return dearest!


Anonymity is no subsitute for the truth.

Braidwood said...

Thanks, Mc.

Your comment made me cry, it was so sweet.
So, now I'll pull myself up by my bootstraps, think positively and get some work done. :)

Egandopamine said...

Sorry to say this: but does it mean today you are not so happy? Cuz you crossed out your happy face. And also the house. Hope you are feeling ok. However, you use red and nice pretty colors. If I feel sad then my pics would be black and white... so hmm...maybe you are not sad or angry. Hope you draw more. All the pictures are cool. I like your blog. It helps to distress my day and definitely make your day better??