Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Space House 2


Anonymous said...


I like house er the ship er whatever...the colors are alluring...I am allured...alert, i mean...One relevant observation the name of your blog comes up as Refrigerator Doot on some pages. Doot is a lovely non-word in english while I know it means something alluring in some other language. Keep it, i say :)


Egandopamine said...

Cool pic, who drew it?

Anonymous said...

I hear that the A-frame Space House went out years ago. The large energy-sapping window is not only inefficient but unnecessary in this age of cameras and remote-viewing. Do you and your kin really need to gaze out at the stars each and every day? Those stars aren't going nowhere, dear.

Is this clear? I hope so.


Braidwood said...


You are my first unsolicited writer! I drew the picture. I still need to find a place to put on my site that all the pictures and prose are original works by me, unless otherwise indicated.

Thanks for posting!