Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I never thought I’d blog, since I go to great lengths to hide my journal. But I had an assignment for a class, I had to sign up for Blogger, I looked at the templates, and I got carried away. That was a week ago. This is worse than when I used to play loadrunner for hours.

But now I have justified my recent obsession! I will use blogging to motivate me to produce art! I’m going to use the feedback theory of motivation for my benefit and use this blog as a place to post projects and art that no one else is demanding that I do, just to keep my creative juices alive. I don’t want my raisin drying in the sun.

While I want to keep this blog current and produce art now, I also want to share some of my old stuff. Which brings me to the actual topic of this post: I'll put the date the art was created in the title if it was created in the past.

*What do you think of the subtitle, “My refrigerator door: quirky art, quality poetry and music that might make me famous.” ?


Yak said...

i cannot blog much now, i must learn java ~~ taj says hi

Sonya said...

This is an interesting way to get motivated. I like it. I also love to read your writing...