Tuesday, November 02, 2004


It's almost 9:30
The moon is squashed.
I have sat in my car
Waiting for...
To laugh with me, and play and maybe
Rub my feet.
An exhaustion has set in
That is deeper than the day,
I just now realized what it is...
It is the exhaustion of a long journey
With no end in sight.
A journey like my journey up
Mt Timpanogus, under a midnight moon
Where the scaling of the peak
Just another peak to climb.
And this journey, that I've been climbing since my childhood, is:
"Where will I find my love?" and even more,
"When will I find my home?"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your feet, your feet
were in need.
my fingers bleed
to push and knead
your soles and to
squeeze out the pain
after days of rain.
i'm now insane.
my calloused fingy tips
open you up to trips
and make you
tell me so
much that you
left out before.