Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm a member of a Web Ring!!

Great news! I am an official member of the Illustrators Blog Web Ring just this day! Yay! Want to be inspired? Take a look at some of the sites on the ring. I looked at ALL 46 sites on the ring, here are some of my favorite:

French Toast Girl
I love how the site looks and the adorable illustrations, it gives me something to aspire to on both counts. Check out the peas in the pod! Oh, how cute.
Guild of Ghost Writers For anyone who has worked in a windowless cubicle-cell with arbitrary rules, the little cartoon you’ll find here is strangely moving. Scroll down to a really cute tribute to Elvis impersonators.
Pomegranates and Paper This art has my kind of colors – colors to swim in.
Frog and Toad’s Wild Ride It looks like a newbie, like me. I wish the pictures were bigger. Check it out to see more gorgeous, swimmable colors.
Chillies and Chocolate Very pretty pictures! (And a lame blogger template, like mine :)
Design Kitten Kind of simple and sweet.

My one complaint: Not everyone has the illustrated blog ring graphic on their site. Come on people! It’s not a ring if someone breaks the chain. For better surfing, until people fix this problem, go to the Illustrated Blog List to surf through the sites in the ring.

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