Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blog of the Day: New Media Musings

Check out New Media Musings, "charting the rise of open, democratic, grassroots media." I found the site because of the article about the top ten tech transformations of 2005. The interesting article and several good links put J.D Lasica over the top to make his blog a blog of the day. Some of the cool links found on his blog:
  • The 10 greatest gadget ideas of the year.
  • Free vlog: a video blog about making video blogs, for free.
  • Node 101: Ok, I am still not clear on this, but I will be. It's something about a network of video bloggers and how we the people are taking back the world by talking around a virtual campfire and thus freeing ourselves and the world from tyranny. (This link doesn't properly belong here, because I surfed here from Free vlog, not New Media Musings, but hey.)

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