Sunday, January 15, 2006

My head got so big my hair almost started falling out

When parents come to visit...
You look so beautiful!

You look really nice today.

I bet everyone has been telling you how wonderful your daughter is.

I just love your daughter. We're good friends.

I don't want to go to lunch without you today.

Your daughter is a great leader, she's a natural. I don't know what our young adult group would do without her.

Oh, she is wonderful. She is so talented we have got to get her back into doing plays with us again... And she's funny!
Naturally, I introduced them to all my favorite supporters! Then, I was so full with appreciation and love, my face was shiny and my voice was bouncy in a way it hasn't been in a long time. The public noticed, the park ranger even got in on the act.
You are so charming! I deal with the public all day and I just love it when people like you come along.
It continued into the evening...
I can't believe you recognized me from behind! It's so good to see you! Thank you for saying hello!

All the men were buzzing around you like bees around a flower.

You have a lovely face. And such a gentle nature.
"Aren't you proud," I said to my mom after my abundant day, "that everyone likes me so well?"
I knew you were wonderful, it's just nice to know everyone else does too.
Just can't seem to get enough, can I ;)


jo_jo said...
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jo_jo said...

How nice to be so appreciated! I am very jealous...but I'll get over it.

Braidwood said...

Hi Jo,

It did feel really good. I'll have to bring my parents to visit my church every time they come to visit! :)

It's amazing how revitalizing affirmation is. I had been feeling brittle, flat, and brown for awhile. Getting all those compliments made me feel like a plant whose leaves had turgor again.

Of course, like food, it's something I'd like a regular supply of. I think the answer for me is living with people who affirm me with their actions. Going to my church is like living in a small town and that's why I could bring my parents there and count on lots of affirmative energy. (It reminds me of some of the interaction between characters on Gilmore Girls, which I saw you like too!) :)

ps: I think all the people who read your blog are complimenting you with their actions. :)

Andrea said...

Your title makes me smile...What great compliments! I don't know if I'd have the courage to post a list of compliments to myself on my blog, but I don't mind at all when other people (like you!) do it. Why is that?

Braidwood said...

Hi Andrea!

I know what you mean. I felt a little silly posting compliments about myself. I think because it shows how much I want people to think well of me and I feel like I should just be super strong and independant. Plus, boasting about my compliments is a little juvinile, like a gleeful two year old. But, what the heck, I am a little gleeful juvenile sometimes, and I wanted to remember my abundant day of affirmation.