Monday, January 23, 2006


Inspired by Andrea, I'm going to list my own Micro-updates.

* Did I ever mention that I graduated? I think that means that in formal situations, you now have to call me "Master." ;) I got all A's my last semester. I worked hard and am glaaaadddd it paid off.

* I'm moving to a new part of town. It is a house for international students with all expenses included in the rent. I can stay as long as I like and leave when I want to, so it will be a good place during this liminal time.

* I'm looking for a job. I am dreaming of discretionary income. I'm going to save a substantial amount each month, and then... My list of first things to buy is growing longer. The first thing I will do with insurance is get fillings. Right now the top of my discretionary income list are new bras... Ahhh... the luxury. :)

* Today I am indulging my organizing yen and purging and packing semi-meticulously. I know I will feel a lot better when all of my stuff is packed and labeled.

* Last night I was so sad and wondered if I will ever be loved in the "you jump, I jump" sort of way. I sure hope I will, but if I'm not, I will fill up my life with all the other fabulous parts of life.


jo_jo said...

On the love thing; your intention is now Out There. It will come!

jo_jo said...

Whoops, I meant to say, it will come, Master. Congrats!

Braidwood said...

Thank you, Jo!