Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Phone Interview

I prep by reading Get Hired Fast. The questions are going to be fast and furious. I may not know the answers, but all I need to be is prepared and honest. O-- calls. This is the first phone interview of my post-master's degree job search.

He calls unexpectedly early. Is he trying to throw me off my game?

No! He is totally nice! At one point he asks if I will mind working for someone who sometimes stumbles over his words. I will not! I said that he just made me feel comfortable, but what I really wanted to say is: "I stumble over my words too! That's why I was so nervous about this phone interview!" It didn't work out, because I don't have all the experience he is looking for, (he might be able to use me on another project.) But my first (I have two more) phone interview of the day went well.


Andrea said...

Good! I'm glad your first interview went so smoothly. I think my first was that one with BoA wearing a stained t-shirt and no makeup...oddly enough, I didn't get that job ;)

All these interviews help you--at least mine helped me--grow more confident and find out if the job fits you instead of just seeing if they'll let you join their club. :) All my well-wishes in finding a good fit!

Braidwood said...

Thanks for your well wishes, Andrea! I hope I can be un desperate enough to want to find out if their job fits me too. I think that is one of the secrets to success.

Laura Moncur said...

I am so glad you've got interviews! I was just thinking about you this morning, wondering how the job search was going and you answered my questions for me.

Good Luck!