Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pandora Speaks

I sent a fan email to Pandora and got a reply, both of which I'm sharing with you. (Right now I'm listening to The Rain by the Subdudes. "You're beautiful and ordinary. Life is very good with you indeed." Now Trouble by Elliot Smith. mmm! This is a good station.)
Hi Pandora people,

I used to loove listening to music. I would listen to the college radio station in our town, and listened to friends' music all through college, and then onto KRCL, an awesome local station in Utah. Then I figured I just got old and stodgy and stopped being as interested in discovering new music, but the truth is I just moved to a place with lots of corporate radio and friends with less time to lay around and listen to music. So, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank YOU for a place to discover music again. Yay! :)


PPS: I'm having the most luck with my station "Love will come to you" by the Indigo Girls.
Tim Westergren to me Jan 24 (18 hours ago)
Thanks so much for your kind words, - I'm really glad you're enjoying the service so much.

Nothing quite like getting reconnected with music...! No one should be without it.

Great to have you as a pandora listener.



Tim Westergren
Pandora Media

NOTE: Pandora Tour
Beginning in Mid-March, we're planning a road trip across the Southern states to meet listeners and look for new music. We're starting in Austin, Texas at the SXSW conference, then heading East. We'll wind our way all the way to Washington DC. Still plotting our course, which we'll eventually start posting on our blog ( Keep in touch - we may come through your town and would love to meet you (feel free to suggest destinations too.. we'll be in no particular hurry to cross the continent!).


Andrea said...

Hmmm. Austin to DC? Sounds familiar... :) Braidwood, your post intrigued me almost enough to Google Pandora. But the laziness has reached a high-water mark for me today, so I'll probably have to be exposed to it with an ad I can't ignore before I actually click to it. But thanks for the exposure to the new!

Laura Moncur said...

I'm gonna be at SXSW, so I'll look for Pandora there. I have to be honest. I don't know what they are.

Are they an Internet radio station? Are they a music recommendation service? You said they are free with commercials. Are the commercials visual or auditory?

I guess I should just look it up on my own since you like it so much.

Braidwood said...

Hi Andrea and Laura!

I linked to it in the post. Just click and you'll see. The ads are visual and my screen is too small for me to see them without scrolling over.