Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Creative links for you

In my wanderings over the last few weeks I have found...

Someone turning a strange hobby into a lil business. Look at this site and know "YES, you too can sell your creations! However weird they are!" I like this site.

Speaking of creating... have you ever wanted to create your own font? My Grandad has the coolest writing. I would love to create a font out of it ( Just slipped into a fantasy of my Granddad's font becoming famous.:) Check out Chank's tutorial and let your wildest font fantasies become real.

Here is a site that has an abundance of creativity. This woman has creativity just bursting out of her. What I like most about it though, and why I am including this link here, is her description of her sweet family!

Now I’ve got to read this thanks to Cease cows, life is short!. Unless anyone wants to tell me what "Cease cows, life is short!" means!

Coming up tommorrow... my blogger wishlist!

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