Tuesday, March 01, 2005

'Tis living puts me on my knees.

No god I praise No god I praise, From birth to death I only praise the suns and winds and babies kissing gentle in my arms- kissing nights. Books and letters I praise and small fires that warm my cheeks and light the page. My hands are strong and always know how things go together. All these I praise.

Cozy rooms in many houses filled with laughter and good talk, these I praise. Fresh baked dripping honey and monumental strength to lift and carry from continent to continent and back again, I do praise. And sky and sea and sand and friends and friends and I praise round stones.

And oh, the magic gardens, burning their bright colors deep into my heart and turning my body into embers that will glow forever. No god I praise. 'Tis living puts me on my knees.

-Mary Ann Masterson UU Fellowship Dallas Texas

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