Friday, March 18, 2005

Illustration Friday: Fragile

I REALLY wanted to do some hand made art, something with different kinds of fragile materials, but I had a busy week and it is down to the last hour. I have no scanner, so… computer drawing it is.

The theme of the week was “Fragile” There were a lot of wine glasses, butterflies, earths, broken hearts, and a disturbing number of waif like women, including the form of fairies. I think the topic made people feel fragile. A lot of people were expressing their vulnerability. As you know, I’ve also been feeling fragile lately. So many good pictures, so many obsessive impulses to click on every single link. I started from the end (150 something and got to 40 something!! Argghhh!) Don’t be like me! Just click on a random few, or look at some of my favorites:


Kim Carney said...

I like your illustration for Fragile prompt. It has nice feel to it

Robyn said...

Your fragile illustration is fascinating. I enjoy the way that you have left it open to interpretation. When I feel fragile I like to sit in a hot bath, so that is what I see in it.

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