Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wasting Time at Hapland

Can you help me? All I want to know is how to light the damn torches! See, I can get the guy out of his house, I can get the blue package to the other guy, I can get the guy on the cliff without getting him speared. I can get the guy who came out of his house over the bridge, but what I can't get is the guy not to blow up or the other guy who raises the upside down flashlight not to get ran over by the demon (?!) on the bicycle. The one that drops out of the box. Go to Hapland, IF you want to see what I mean and possibly get sucked into the vortex of "one more possiblity." (This is an activity that proves the good sense of knowing when to give up.)

Now enough of this time wasting! I'm going to go sharpen my saw (ala Covey, not Hapland.)

[Update: I did it! And I needed a hint. If you want a hint, leave me a comment. I've actually given you several already.]


Anonymous said...

i cant even get to this........help!!!

Braidwood said...

Ok.. if this hint doesn't help you, be more specific and I'll help more. You can't get to the site? Just click on the title of this post.

You can't get started?
(Spoilers ahead)
Click on the little gray thing above the yellow arrow which is on the building on the right hand side. The grey thing is like a trapdoor. When that is open and you click on the arrow, a little person pops out.

You there?

That little guy walks up the steps and when you click on him he pulls the lever to the cannonball. Each "cannonball" has a different kind of action and it is very important what you use each object for and in which order. If you need more hints, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Amanda, i tryied this game and i need help too please walk me through it! i have spent ovr 4 and 1/2 hours trying EVERYTHING! please help!

hellflinger said...

1. after you get the guy to the cannon, fir the first two bullets straight by clicking the guy. you can change the direction of the cannon by clicking it for future notice. this will nock over the board.
2. launch the grenade bullets straight as well, but right befor they hit the board, click the board and the grenades bounce up, causing no harm.
3.launch the 'trash' bullet straight, but dont click anything else. the guy in the cave will pick it up, and deposit it in the yellow thing. leave him there.
4.click the canon lever again and the guy should fall into the cannon. have another guy come out, raise the cannon, and fire the other guy.

if you need more help, post somthing else.

see you all in hell!

Braidwood said...

Thanks, H.F.

I hadn't gotten around to posting yet for Amanda. HF, have you made it through yet? Amanda, you've got to remember to use one of your rocks to change the direction of the arrow that is on top of the hill before you launch the guy up to the hill, other wise you will lose him. Crap, I''m going to have to go back there now. I don't remember exactly how this first part goes. My overall advice: click on everything and notice what happens and then figure out the ideal order you would need to get to your goal. Yeah, I know, that's where the hours of going crazy comes in.

Braidwood said...

Ok, I just remembered, the very first thing you have to do is damn tricky. First: Change the direction of the arrow on the home and open the window shade. The arrow makes the guy walk in the right direction and the when the bell rings, the door will open, IF the shade is up. Then, when the bridge is open, you can click on something and get him to walk out. (I don't want to just give it all away here, you know.)

Like I said earlier, experiment with what the objects do in the cannon. Some objects just hit things, some blow them up. This is important.

Hint: You do NOT want the bell to blow up.

Hint: You want the spear on top of the hill facing left.

That is the damn tricky part- it takes timing.

hellflinger said...

Sorry, forgot to post that, thanks for clearing that up Braidwood. Beat the second one in two ours but havent quite beet this one yet.

see you all in hell!

nathan said...

I am stuck at that part.. hey if anyone could send me a spoiler of all of it to tabo1234321@hotmail.com that would be great... 6 hours at this game is of the devil

Braidwood said...

Ok, Total spoilers ahead.
Walk through of the game:
1. Open window shades, click on red arrow, open grey hatch click on yellow arrow to get little guy out.
2. Point cannon up, click on the guy to pull the cannon lever, (this is the tricky timing part,) click on the spear on the mountain before the rock falls so it won't get stuck pointing in the wrong direction.
3. Point cannon down, click ont he guy.
4. Now that the bridge is down, you can use it as a bat and destroy the two bombs in the cannon.

I went back to the game so I could make this walk through and now I can't remember how to get the blue package to the guy in the underground cave! I don't even remember having any trouble with that the first time, it seems like it just rolled in there! So, now I need a hint again! Anyway, after that part:

6. Before you open the door on the far left, click on the spear so that it is now pointing the other way, then click on the guy on the mountain so that he pushes the bell over. Now click on the bell so it falls, so that the explosive below will be detonated.

7. Now you can click on the door on the far left. Make sure the arrow is pointing to the right!

Soon your first torch should be lit.

Braidwood said...

Oh yeah,
to get the blue package to the guy in the cave, just point the cannon down. (I remember how it goes now.)

Ok, if you followed the walk through, then you have almost completed the level! Now you just have to avoid the rabid biker. I'll leave it to you to figure that one out.

Now I've got to decide if I want to bother with Hapland 2!