Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Car songs

DA Da Da Da! Yeah, I may look like a soccer mom, but I feel like the jammer I really am when I hear da HEAVY beat! :)

This morning while dropping a friend off at the airport, I heard three good car songs. (Luckily I heard them during the alone parts of the journey; the best time to turn up the radio and pretend I'm tough in my four door wagon.)
(The music links will take you to Amazon, if you scroll down, you'll see where you can listen to a thirty second clip.)
  • Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes better known to me as "I'm going to WICHITA! DA, da da DA DA"
  • Possum Kingdom by the Toadies a song that gives me a guilty rush of pleasure to sing. It's a bad song, but it feels so good. :)
  • Que' Onda Guero by Beck first time I heard it, but destined to be a good Dance Jam song if nothing else.
Yeah, I rock it like I rock it when the coppers right behind me. I'm runnin' from the tow truck I know he will never find me. I look like a soccer mom but the headies start to fly, when they see my rockin' ways and see me wave goodbye. (Add heavy beat and cool music, nod head vigorously.)

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