Saturday, November 05, 2005

A new diet, just in time for the holidays

I started a new diet on Halloween. Halloween!! All that missed candy!! In sharp contrast to Laura's advice at Starling Fitness, I am doing a diet which restricts my food choices. It's an experiment. I'm trying it until Thanksgiving Day, at which time I will eat everything that I want to, which will probably not be as much as I anticipate. The Rosedale Diet is supposed to turn me into a fat burning machine and make all my inside systems much more youthful. I'll let you know. Tonight I made a "pizza" which would have been much better if the recipe hadn't referred to it as a "pizza." I weighed myself for the first time today, on a neighbors scale, so that will have to be my benchmark.

My experience: So far my biggest fear of being hungry has been realized, all because of lack of planning. I also feel a little weird. I don't know how to describe it, I don't have the icky low blood sugar feeling, but I do feel carb-deprived.

Wish me luck!


Andrea said...

Hi, Braidwood -

I'll admit that I'm not a fan of dieting, but I'm happy that Rosedale at least lets you eat some vegetables. And, since you can have greens and good fats, may I recommend my personal favorite, Good Seasons Italian Dressing. It only comes in little packets, and you mix it with vinegar and your choice of oils (usually canola/olive, for me) in the provided cruet. It is by far the tastiest, and you can even put it on cooked vegetables or in marinades. Mmm...

Joel said...

If you want to have a healthy diet that is medically sound, check out the one at It lets you have carbs and vegetables. The rule is that you can have anything you want ~as long as you plan for it~.

Laura Moncur said...


You feel free to try whatever diet you want. I was talking about my experience with limiting my food choices. Whenever I have tried a diet that tells me I can't have something, I obsess about whatever it was that they said I couldn't have.

Fortunately, not everyone has my problem. For some, it's much easier to have the structure of a limited choice of foods.

Whatever works for you is great. Good Luck!

Laura Moncur

Braidwood said...

Thanks, Laura!

I hope you know that I wasn't knocking your advice. I was just emphasizing the possible unwiseness and experimental nature (for me) of my new diet. Although, it is going well so far.