Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hi, I'm alive

I am just done with a big project that took hours and hours and hours of my everyday. I even had a Gilmore Girls backlog on Tivo! Not right! Although I made up for it today. I keep taking unexpected deep breaths. (One down, a lifetime to go. :)

The Rosedale Diet update
I am liking it. The biggest problem is that I have to plan, and because of the nature of the diet there are not many convenience foods except nuts, which I have now had enough of. I'm going shopping tonight.

The upside: I can see my shape starting to take shape (yahoo,) having to plan forces me to shop and cook in advance which is really nice come hungry, busy weekdays.

Sidenote: I am getting into one of those interesting mindsets that I don't often occupy where I enjoy the discipline of not eating certain things. Weird. I imagine that this is how people with eating disorders live their life. On the other hand, not so weird. I enjoy the discipline of other things. You can't have a game without rules.

The confession: Three times now I have gone off the diet. I had the best of intentions and just ended up in situations where I was hungry and there was nothing else to eat. (see: big project... hours, and hours, and hours...) Hey, I like discipline, but a girls gotta eat.

Best to ya'll!


Laura Moncur said...

Good job on completing your project AND working on keeping your diet healthy. Don't worry about those instances where you "fell off the wagon." As long as you don't stress out about it, you will be fine. It's the stress, shame and guilt that cause us to do more damage than a simple case of needing to eat in a difficult situation.

Braidwood said...

Thanks, Laura! It's true, it didn't feel like "falling off the wagon." It just felt like being realistic and not choosing to go hungry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

How did it work out? FYI, I've been following Dr. Rosedale's blgg