Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Musical Notes and Insulting Remarks

  • I highly reccomend Prairie Home Companion. It is listened to by people all over the country every week. In my family it was a tradition to listen and I still listen to it. Not only do they have contemporary music, the show gives the real flavor of many types of average people in America. (You can listen to the archives online and listen to the current show Sat night and Sun morning.)
  • In Utah I listened to KRCL. Because the DJs are all volunteers, they have an eclectic mix of music.
  • NPR has a music show called All Songs Considered. They are also starting a new feature where they are podcasting their Open Mike which is a program which features unsigned artists. I haven't listened to Open Mike yet. Their tastes are pretty current, so it might take some getting used to if you like the classics. In the archives, you can listen to the staff and listener picks for the best songs of 2004.
I sent these links to my proffesor. He was talking about music and media in class and how there isn't much variety the public has access to. I thought to the contrary. I have to wonder about myself sometimes. At one point in the conversation I actually said "Now you sound like my Grandfather." I don't know why he brings out the feisty side of me!

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