Friday, November 04, 2005

Happy Birthday!!

...she is brilliant... she also has a very earthy side and likes to run, hike, and be outdoors...

Hey, did I mention that the other day was my MOM'S BIRTHDAY?! I didn't think so. Even worse, I haven't sent her a present yet. If you see this, D, Happy Birthday!!! Your daughter loves you! :)

While I'm on the topic, I'll just brag about my mom for a minute. Let's see, she ran a 50 mile race this year, she came in second, which was disappointing, because last time she ran she came in FIRST!! She is brilliant and got a math scholarship to college, which she went to when she was 16. She sometimes does not think she is as brilliant as she is (see: "came in second" above.)

She is usually pretty quiet in group settings and people find her amiable and likeable. She can become fascinated with things like bugs and genealogy; she's in touch with her inner nerd. She also has a very earthy side and likes to hike, run, and be outdoors. I know this sounds a little like a personal, but I'm sorry, she is already married. She is married to a semi-southern all gentleman who perfectly suits her. Whenever I think about him I just fill up with gratitude that they found each other. Thanks, B, for being my mom's honey. Thanks Grandma and Granddad for having my mom.



Su madre said...

Thank you - You're the sweetest!

me again said...

wow - that musical card is cool too - i changed my option to moderate comments - so I got an email that said if I wanted to post it but then it said url wasn't found & now when I go back to my blog I see nothing about moderating comments so I can't unmoderate them so comments can auto publish - any suggestions blog queen?

Joel said...

Your mom is probably my age....happy birthday, mom!

Braidwood said...

Comment Troubles:
You need to go into the Settings area of your blog, click "comments."
Click yes on "show comments"
Choose "anyone" on "Who can comment?" Click "yes" on "word verification for comments."
And, most importantly for this particular issue, click "no" on "enable comment moderation."

I can't help with the old lost comment, but I'm pretty sure this will help you not lose any more. :)