Sunday, May 22, 2005

(And you thought it would never happen)

I'm done with school!!! (for the semester) I wrote a paper I'm proud of. Did a successful project for a client and now I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today I recorded 4 songs in a recording studio. If I can figure out how to post them here I will. It was soo fun and it turns out that I like my voice! I have never liked how my voice sounds in recordings before, but mixer Mike, the recording studio guy said that most recordings distort the voice but his equiptment was for real. THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE! I really have been slightly embarrassed about my singing and talking voice for a while now. Damn cheap recorders!
And now, with a new season just underway, I am ready for a few changes. I'm moving, looking for a job, and da, da, da... I want to rename my blog! Any suggestions? "Yes, please!" just isn't doing it for me anymore. How about "Yes, right now, damnit."? You get the idea. Just give me what you got. Oh.. how about, "The Blue Guitar?!" Hmmm!


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