Thursday, May 19, 2005

Streams of Glory

I day dream of glory. So, I daydream of improbable glorious events that mostly never happen, but every now and then, in an off kilter way, they do. The last daydreamed event happened many moons ago was when I was 18. There was a popular, cute, beautiful, boy at school and I would imagine over and over him showing up at my front door to come and see me. My gosh, the persistance of young crushes. One day there was a knock at my door and when I opened it, he was standing there, in all his 18 year old glory. I just blinked at him and eventually he had to walk past me into my apartment. It was unbelievably surreal. My fantasy come true. I can still see the light streaming in around him. It is moments like that that make one question their reality. This glorious moment turned out to be pretty mundane, he was there to study with my gorgeous roommate, but I was still amazed. You may be interested to know that he did later become my lover for two years, (mormon style that is.)

Well, in contrast, today's story isn't much of a story. But as I was slogging through my research paper I had images of it becoming published and eventually leading, (as most of my fantasies tend to) to fortune and (somewhat obscure) fame! :) In reality, I thought my paper was a weak little thing, but I still liked it. Today I presented it and afterwards, my teacher, who originally had major doubts about my topic, said that he thought I could publish it! It was so cool! The surface of my skin was vibrating til the class was over.

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Joel said...

Do me a favor: Daydream me into a situation where I have friends coming to my door, just to see how I am. Make them nice people who don't smoke or drink, aren't evangelizing Christians, and love poetry.

Can send you pictures of my front door and me for emphasis.

Make sure that no one is wearing black. I don't want my wife to die.

Braidwood said...

Hi Joel,

I'm envisioning that right now. (I hope you have a red door.) :)

Joel said...

Uh, no. It's off-white. The roof has red Spanish tile.