Thursday, May 26, 2005

My anonymous blog

My blog has actually turned out to be more self-revealing than I intended and I've told friends and family about it, hoping they would drop by. It is interesting to notice the pull to share, and the pull to keep things to myself. I tend to the private side. However, I think this makes my blog a lot less interesting and sometimes less insightful. I have much better journal entries (book type journal.) I do imagine an audience for my journals, too. I write as honestly as I can and imagine people reading it 50 years or more after I am dead and long gone. Then people can make of it what they will and hopefully it will help somebody. Like someone said, we are like water we change so much. Sometimes beyond what we can even notice. Who wants to keep those images of ourselves locked in stone for all the world to see. On the other hand, I appreciate people's honesty. If it was a more forgiving world, then maybe more sharing would be advisable. Then there's the other kind of private, the kind that is not kept back out of fear, but out of specialness. (Although I hate that word.) The kind of beauty that you hold in your hands for a moment and then dip your hands back into the river and let it go.

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