Saturday, June 18, 2005

Illustration Friday: Black and White

Say no to chaos. See the world in black and white.

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Anonymous said...

But of course, it's not so simple as that... Nice Illo!

Joan Lansberry
"Out On a Limb"

french toast girl said...

Like the graphicness of this!

I am taking your lead and trying out the tags - I've longed to have all my Illustration Fridays in the same place.

:) french toast girl

Braidwood said...

Yay! French Toast girl wrote to me! (That makes me really happy, because I really like her site. Check it out when you get a chance.) FTG, I'm still working on getting the tags to post automatically in my blog template. Thank you! :)

french toast girl said...

Boy, am I ever stuck! I sent you an email (which I hope I sent to the right place) in hopes you can help.

And you are so on target with the Sesame Street thing, I've gotten that email (and now seen it online) so many times, I NEED to respond to it.

;) french toast girl