Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I've tried to take the high road...

Like some other bloggers, perhaps your roommate is not the best. Maybe your roommate is reading bad roommate advice, or maybe you have a schitzonphrenic cleaner on your hands.
Not to be confused with the Neat Freak, The Schizophrenic Cleaner is a slob 90% of the time, but during that other 10% (usually on Sunday afternoons), the Schizophrenic Cleaner becomes the most unbearable roommate known to science and attempts to clean two months of filth in two hours. Often this is accompanied by scathing diatribes against all other roommates in the house whose only crimes are that they aren't overcome by sanitary mania at the exact same time.
Some mean people seem to think they are doing you a favor or something. Mean people suck, but you can learn to get along with many kinds of roommates. Unless you have a roommate from hell.
No line remains uncrossed by a truly evil roommate.
So you may want to kill your roommate, but you should probably just Run Away Like Wild Horses over the Hills.

My evil roommate enjoys angry outbursts, schitzophrenic cleaning, self-righteous telephone indignation, and gardening.

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Laura Moncur said...

Is this one of your new roommates or the remains of the old ones before you leave?

Braidwood said...

Hi Laura!

It is my current roommate, which is why I am soooooo looking forward to moving out!! She was gruff and not extremely friendly before, but since I gave her 30 days notice, she has become unreasonably hostile. yeesh.